Technical Due Diligence Services (TDD)

What is a Technical Due Diligence?
Technical Due Diligence is the process of research, examination and analysis in which a prospective buyer of a property gathers information about the physical characteristics of the property. Properties may have defects and deficiencies which could have impact on the performance of the property and its value. The purpose of the due diligence investigation is to discover any circumstances about the property that may affect its value, require capital expenditure from the potential buyer, or deviate from market standards. In case of deficiencies, we provide an overview of necessary costs of repair of such defects. 
Benefits of a Technical Due Diligence:
- understanding the technical condition of the property and the design of the property,
- identifying defects, poor performance and opportunities for improvement,
- understanding the need for and quantifying future costs and liabilities,
- discover risks associated with the property which can be used during price negotiations,
- establishing the suitability of the property for its intended use, and
- review whether local requirements are fulfilled.
Our team and experiences
Our team has significant experience in technical due diligence investigations concerning both, building fabric and building services. Our due diligence investigation usually includes on-site inspections and the review of data room documentation. Our assessments focus entirely on identifying material risks and capital expenditure items that can have a significant effect on the property value. 
Our team leaders have many years of experience in the field of building services and building fabric, they are aware of all local specifications, regulations and understand complex real estate transactions. We prepare our due diligence report in the form you need, either as a simple red flag report or  a more detailed full length report. We have advised multinational clients during their acquisitions in Hungary. We focus on industrial properties, such as industrial parks and production units. We are able to assist you during the entire transaction including the negotiation phase if required.