About us

Since our firm was established in 1998 the number of satisfied and permanent clients has grown year by year.

Our experienced staff have advanced land surveyor and civil engineering qualifications, with expertise in real estate and technical classification.

Our surveying capabilities are wide ranging and include:

  • conventional land surveying
  • Construction surveys
  • Architectural surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • GPS( Global Positioning System )expertise,
  • Consultancy for surveying specifications,

Fold-konyv Ltd. recognised from early days the importance of developing strategic computer services to their client’s changing needs.

Over the years the company has expanded from fundamental land surveying and elevation services to wide ranging industrial services.

We are committed to fast, efficient work at a high standard which is ensured by our modern geodesy resources, our information equipment and the closed loop digital technology from measurement to editing.

Name: Föld-Könyv Surveyor Ltd.

Firm profile: land survey, engineer geodesy

Offices: Hungary 1194 Budapest Beszterce utca 20./ Hungary 2030 Érd Hunor utca 40a.
Tax number: 13176642-3-43
Trade register: 01-09-722334
Statistical number: 13176642-7420-113-01
Bank account number: 65100118-10027460


email: foldk@t-online.hu

phone/fax: +36/1-347-0269